How to show your products on Bigshopper



To start displaying your products to thousands of consumers on our comparison shopping platform make sure that you have successfully registered with Bigshopper. Also, make sure you have your Google Merchant Center login details at hand. Upon signing up, you should have received an API address from one of our Client Managers. This API address is essential for seamlessly integrating your products onto our platform.

If you prefer not to use our API address or have more than 100.000 products in your Merchant Center, consider our alternative method. We would advise to add your products by sending us an XML productfeed.


How to correctly add the API address to your Merchant Center

1. Log into your Merchant Center account: First, log into the specific Google Merchant Center you wish to connect to Bigshopper. Use the following link to access Merchant Center:

2. People and access: After you log in, navigate to the top right corner of the Merchant Center. There, you'll find the Settings ⚙️ icon. Click on this, and then select 'People and Access' from the available options

3. Add the API address: in the Users section, look for the '+ Add User' option to add a new user. Once you click on it, you will be prompted to enter details for the new user. Please input the API address received from your Client Manager, and then click 'Add User' to complete the process.

4. Get in touch: Please get in touch with your contact at Bigshopper and inform them about the successfully connected API address. We will now be able to upload your product to Bigshopper and update them on a daily basis!


Using an XML File

Do you have more than 100.000 products? Than we advise to use an XML productfeed to send your products to Bigshopper. An XML productfeed will have the same effect as an API address would have, as your productdata will be uploaded to our websites and updated on a daily basis.

Need further clarity? See our detailed guide below: