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Showcase your products to a vast audience on the Bigshopper website. Increase relevant traffic to your online store, driving brand loyalty and repeat business. Let us guide customers seamlessly to your webshop for an enjoyable shopping experience.

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2022, 2023 & 2024

Award winning platform

We’re delighted to announce that our platform has been awarded the 2023 Dutch Website of the Year in the comparison websites category and has been recognized for the third year in a row in the Emerce100 as one of the top Price Comparison Websites in the Netherlands! This recognition highlights our commitment to providing users with the best comparison experience possible.

Reach a wider audience

Bigshopper is a highly recognized price comparison platform across all European countries. By listing your products on our website, you will have the opportunity to reach a vast number of consumers actively seeking to buy new products. Join the thriving community of thousands of retailers already present on the Bigshopper platform today. As a reputable price comparator, we empower customers with the assurance that they are making a wise purchase and getting the best possible value for their money. With Bigshopper, your company can connect with a broad audience of potential new customers, expanding your reach and enhancing your business prospects.

Turn clicks into customers: Enhance conversion ratios with our tailored product pages

The Bigshopper platform is optimized to provide consumers with the best experience before redirecting them to a webshop for purchase. For instance, users are granted access to a wide variety of product pictures and descriptions. Since each retailer may describe their product differently, Bigshopper displays product descriptions from multiple sellers. Additionally, when accessible, a product video is offered to further excite consumers about their potential purchase. Moreover, product specifications and price history are made available. Why is all this provided? Because when a consumer decides to visit the webshop, that click becomes significant. Clicks originating from the Bigshopper platform have a remarkable conversion rate.

Improve the customer journey of your webshop

Understanding the entire customer journey of your clients may not be a simple task. Nonetheless, you can effortlessly enhance their journey by featuring your products on our platform. Many retailers are often unaware of the various touchpoints their customers encounter while searching for their next purchase. By listing your products on our website, you can help customers build trust in your store and enable them to make well-informed decisions before making a purchase. Customers can discover your products on our platform through multiple avenues, whether by directly searching on Bigshopper or clicking on an ad link. Take the step to improve your customers’ journey today and list your products alongside thousands of other retailers!

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