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Analyse market prices and use the data we retrieve from Google Shopping to determine your optimal product price. More clicks, more sales and a better margin are within reach!

Price monitoring: indispensable for web shops, brands and online marketers

Our price monitoring tool allows you to effortlessly create benchmarks for both product prices and total prices, inclusive of shipping costs. All data is collected through our dedicated spider, directly from Google Shopping. The tool’s user-friendly interface enables you to filter products, brands, and competitors, instantly displaying all relevant data from Google Shopping.

If you’re a brand owner, you can conveniently monitor all providers of your brand in Google Shopping. Stay ahead of the competition and make informed pricing decisions with ease using our powerful price monitoring tool.

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Identify your competitors in Google Shopping

The Bigshopper Price Monitoring Tool efficiently searches for European Article Numbers (EAN) in Google Shopping, retrieving pricing data from all your competitors. This generates a clear overview of your market’s competitive landscape, enabling you to easily identify your main competitors and instantly spot pricing differences. Gain valuable insights into how prices are distributed, even on category and brand levels. This clear knowledge of your competitive arena is essential for understanding and optimizing your marketing efforts.

For brands, this data is more relevant than ever. In one convenient overview, you can gain knowledge of who is advertising with your products and identify any instances of undermining Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP). Reclaim control over the market, improve your brand health, and boost your overall revenues with this invaluable information.

Stay ahead of the competition and make strategic decisions with the powerful insights provided by the Bigshopper Price Monitoring Tool.

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Analyse prices of competitors on all levels

In addition to providing a clear market overview, understanding the competitive landscape on a product-, category-, or brand-level is crucial. The Bigshopper Price Monitoring Tool empowers you to generate extensive and detailed lists of competitors for each specific product. This includes observing their product prices as well as their shipping costs, which are factored into a total price.

Furthermore, you can create insightful graphs to analyze how prices have evolved among your most important rivals. With Bigshopper saving this data for up to one year, you have the advantage of covering large time periods in your market evolution analysis. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions delivered by the Bigshopper Price Monitoring Tool.

New: Stay on top of changes with our new Updates feature. In this overview, you can see the recent price alterations in comparison to the previous crawl. Additionally, you can opt for email notifications to stay updated on these changes.

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Export your data with ease

The Bigshopper Price Monitoring Tool is a valuable resource for online marketeers. You can easily export price labels (product sets) to Google Ads, enabling you to analyze product performance in existing campaigns based on various price categories, such as “most expensive,” “most expensive together with other competitors,” “cheapest,” “equal price with all other competitors,” and more. Additionally, you have the option to split your campaigns based on these product sets.

The data from the monitoring tool can be conveniently exported in CSV or XLSX format. Moreover, you can generate a feed in XML or JSON-LD, which can be imported as an additional feed to enrich your existing Google Shopping feed with custom labels. This level of flexibility and customization allows you to optimize your advertising strategies and make informed decisions based on real-time pricing data. Maximize the potential of your online campaigns with the features of the Bigshopper Price Monitoring Tool.

Optimize your Google Shopping campaigns

As an advertiser, optimizing your Google Shopping campaigns is crucial, and our Price Monitoring Tool is designed to assist you with just that. You can effortlessly export data from our tool via an .XML feed or directly as an additional Google Shopping feed. This data can be utilized as conditions in your Google Ads strategy.

For example, you can strategically allocate your Ads budget by limiting the visibility of non-competitive and overpriced items. By doing so, you can prioritize and boost the products that deliver the best results, ensuring that your advertising efforts are focused on the most profitable products. With the Price Monitoring Tool, you can make informed decisions, optimize your Google Shopping campaigns, and achieve higher returns on your advertising investment. Let our tool empower you to drive more effective and efficient campaigns, maximizing the impact of your online advertising efforts.

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*Numbers are based on a recent case study

These retailers are currently beating competitors:

“We primarily utilize the Price Monitoring Tool for clients operating in competitive markets. This enables us to closely monitor the competition. Additionally, we use the tool to implement smart advertising strategies in Google Shopping, making our campaigns more profitable.

The collaboration with Bigshopper is pleasant. They are always willing to offer valuable insights, and no question is too difficult for them to address!”

Giel Kusters

Co-founder & SEA Specialist, Seogi Online Marketing

“As a performance marketer, Bigshopper provides me with quick insights into whether our KPIs are affected by the prices we set. Manual price tracking is no longer feasible due to our extensive product range. Bigshopper is user-friendly and intuitive.

Collaborating with Category Management is now a breeze. But perhaps the most important aspect is the interactive, personalized communication.”

Thomas van Drunen

Performance Marketeer, Azalp

Available in all European countries

The Price Monitoring Tool is accessible in all European countries where Google Shopping is available. We gather the data ourselves from Google Shopping, utilizing the GTIN attribute, which is often represented by the EAN number. To ensure accuracy and consistency, we can only monitor products that have a valid GTIN issued. This approach guarantees that the data remains clean and that our comparisons are precise, allowing us to compare similar products effectively and provide you with reliable and actionable insights.

With our thorough data gathering process, you can confidently compare apples to apples and make informed pricing decisions for your online business.