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When an advertiser bids 1 euro per click through Google Shopping CSS, only 80 cents of that bid will be allocated to the auction. However, with Bigshopper CSS, 100% of your bid will be directed to the auction. This results in a bid increase of 25% without any additional bidding effort required. Start today in order to boost your online presence!

* Product listing is included for free with Bigshopper CSS.

How it works:

Bigshopper is a Self-Service CSS, meaning we don’t manage Google Shopping campaigns directly. For campaign setup and management, consider our 170+ certified Partners.

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Gain a 25% boost on Google Shopping Ads

If you’re seeking to enhance your Google Shopping advertising campaigns, look no further. Joining Bigshopper is the easiest way to boost your online visibility. As a Premium Google CSS Partner, Bigshopper can participate in the Google Shopping auction on behalf of our connected merchants.

If you are running Google Shopping advertisements, you’ll always work with a CSS Partner. As standard, Google Shopping CSS is selected, which charges a 20% commission on each bid entered into the auction. However, with Bigshopper, you’ll benefit from a fixed, low monthly fee for the same service, resulting in a significant increase in your Shopping effectiveness!

Difference between Google CSS and Bigshopper CSS

Support from Bigshopper

At Bigshopper, providing outstanding support for Google Merchant Center related issues is our well-established strength. We pride ourselves on being a renowned and trusted source for expert assistance in optimizing your online presence. With a team of specialists dedicated to this purpose, you can rest assured that our knowledge and fast support will remain unmatched.

Moreover, our team of specialists at Bigshopper has gone the extra mile to create a comprehensive knowledge center. This resource hub contains a wealth of information, explaining various aspects and resolving common issues that merchants may encounter. From tips on optimizing product listings to troubleshooting technical challenges, our knowledge center is designed to empower you with the insights needed to thrive in the online marketplace.

Even after switching to Bigshopper CSS, you can still rely on Google support, combined with our services and the knowledge center, to ensure you receive comprehensive assistance for a seamless and successful experience. Count on us as your reliable partner, committed to supporting your growth and success throughout your journey.

Product Listing included

Established in 2007, Bigshopper has become a prominent online price comparator widely recognized throughout Europe. Our platform offers an excellent opportunity to showcase your products to a vast audience of informed buyers. Equipped with product images, descriptions, videos, specifications, and price history, we help consumers make well-informed decisions.

Rest assured that customers are seamlessly directed to your webshop for purchases, ensuring a smooth shopping experience. If you desire increased sales, showcasing your products on Bigshopper is an excellent starting point. And the best part? When Bigshopper is your CSS Partner, product placement is completely free, allowing you to maximize your online reach with ease.

Access to powerful Online Marketing Tools (Premium)

With Bigshopper Premium, you’ll gain access to a wide array of powerful tools and features to help boost the quality of your online presence. Take, for instance, our Uptime Monitoring Tool that continuously monitors if your website is still online. You don’t want to miss any conversions when your website goes offline, so you have to be the first to know when action is needed.

In Premium, a personal merchant page with SEO backlink is also included for free. This will allow you to build an even more personal relationship with your clients and increase your organic visibility in the Google result pages.

Additionally, leverage our connections with Google to request feed optimization services and feed translations.

Our team of developers is always building new tools to enhance the performance of our connected webshops. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we roll out more news on the latest tools designed to empower your online success!

Trusted by over 3000+ webshops

“As the owner of a Google Ads company, I cannot stress enough how valuable my collaboration with Bigshopper is. Their expertise as a CSS partner is excellent and reliable, allowing me to confidently refer my clients to them. It’s pleasant to work with a partner like Bigshopper who is not only professional and efficient but also adds a personal touch to every project. This collaboration has made a significant contribution to the success of my clients, and I look forward to many years of continuous cooperation.”

Jaap Wigbout

Owner, Marketing Storm

“ON. Digital Marketing happily utilizes Bigshopper as a CSS partner. Bigshopper helps our clients save on Google click costs. In addition, the communication, collaboration, and supplementary tools are additional reasons to work with Bigshopper.”

Jeroen Schiphuis

Co-founder, ON. Digital Marketing

“We have been working with Bigshopper since 2019, and we are very satisfied with our partnership. Especially because, in addition to the CSS benefits for all clients, they are also one of the few that can offer this on an international level! Furthermore, the lines of communication are short, and the follow-up is excellent. In a landscape where we are transitioning from hundreds to a handful of CSS providers, we have confidence in Bigshopper for the future.”

Sebastiaan Bakker

CEO, 050media

Why was the CSS Program Founded?

Learn more about our history

When Google introduced Google Shopping, it actively reduced the visibility of online price comparators like Bigshopper on the Google General Results Page. As a result, the European Commission intervened, deeming Google’s actions as an unfair leveraging of their monopoly position, leading to the imposition of a significant fine and the creation of the Comparison Shopping Service Program. This program allowed all price comparison services, including Google’s own price comparator, to participate in the Google Shopping auction. Additionally, it mandated that each CSS must have an independent earning model.

Google Shopping CSS chose a 20% commission on each bid before it enters the auction, aiming to attract new advertisers to Google Shopping. On the other hand, Bigshopper opted for a low monthly fee, irrespective of ad spend or the number of products listed. This decision makes Bigshopper the superior choice as a CSS Partner if you seek to grow your online business. Join our CSS today and unlock the potential to elevate your presence and reach a broader audience in the ever-competitive online marketplace!

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