Bigshopper SmartSearch

The SmartSearch engine for your online shop!

Are your website visitors frequently unable to find what they’re searching for in your current search engine? Do your search results often take too long to load, causing frustration among users? Those days are over with Bigshopper SmartSearch!

With Bigshopper SmartSearch you can easily turn your website into a smart search engine.

Give us permission to copy your product feed for analysis, and we’ll take care of indexing your products to make them searchable. In just 10 minutes, see how our search engine works. Once you set it up on your website with a code, you can easily add filters, change the UI, include synonyms, create promotions, and more to enhance your customers’ experience. It’s that simple! Experience the power of our search engine and optimize your online presence effortlessly.

Set up useful filters that make searching easy

Faceted search is a smart navigation system that complements regular search techniques, empowering your customers to refine their search results using multiple filters. Creating these filters is quick and easy, requiring just a few clicks. You can customize the order, type, and labeling of categories within minutes. Once enabled, you have the flexibility to create, configure, or remove filters as needed. Define the size, number of options to display, and choose the ideal name for each filter. Best of all, these filters are mobile-friendly and won’t obstruct scrolling on the page, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Improve your site’s search engine with smart features such as autocorrect and autocomplete

Discover the clever features Bigshopper SmartSearch offers for your searches! Experience automatic typo suggestions to ensure accurate results. No matches? Not a problem! The tool automatically corrects the word and updates the search. Additionally, enjoy the benefit of customizable synonyms. If your customers often use different words or you want to be found for specific search terms, Bigshopper SmartSearch has got you covered. As a web shop, rest assured that you’ll always provide the precise results your customers are looking for. Embrace the power of Bigshopper SmartSearch to enhance your customers’ search experience and optimize your online success!

Influence the order of search results by putting certain products higher or lower in the results.

Bigshopper SmartSearch offers a fantastic feature called “Boosting,” enabling you to prioritize specific products in your search results. You can easily create simple conditions, such as products containing a particular brand name in their description, and then set the Boosting factor to influence their visibility.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to set start and/or end dates, allowing certain strategies to be automatically activated or deactivated at specific times. Additionally, you can rank your products based on your preferences, such as margin or popularity. By combining this custom ranking with the relevance determined by all users, you can achieve optimal search results tailored to your customers’ needs.

With Bigshopper SmartSearch, you have the power to control and optimize your product visibility, ensuring your customers find what they’re looking for while boosting your online success. Embrace these smart features to enhance your webshop’s performance and deliver an exceptional search experience to your customers.

Promote certain brands or promotions via a banner above the search results

With SmartSearch, you can display a promotional banner above specific searches. Simply choose the terms that trigger the promotion, add a banner or text link to grab your visitor’s attention, and start advertising instantly!

And that’s not all – you can even schedule your promotions to appear only during specific times. Just set an automatic start and/or end date, and the promotion will automatically activate and deactivate according to your preferences.

Start promoting your products with ease and make your website even more engaging for your customers!

See SmartSearch in action!