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Why was the CSS Program Founded?

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When Google introduced Google Shopping, it actively reduced the visibility of online price comparators like Bigshopper on the Google General Results Page. As a result, the European Commission intervened, deeming Google’s actions as an unfair leveraging of their monopoly position, leading to the imposition of a significant fine and the creation of the Comparison Shopping Service Program. This program allowed all price comparison services, including Google’s own price comparator, to participate in the Google Shopping auction. Additionally, it mandated that each CSS must have an independent earning model.

Google Shopping CSS chose a 20% commission on each bid before it enters the auction, aiming to attract new advertisers to Google Shopping. On the other hand, Bigshopper opted for a low monthly fee, irrespective of ad spend or the number of products listed. This decision makes Bigshopper the superior choice as a CSS Partner if you seek to grow your online business. Join our CSS today and unlock the potential to elevate your presence and reach a broader audience in the ever-competitive online marketplace!

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