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Premium Google CSS Partner

Through Google CSS partner (Comparison Shopping Service) Bigshopper it is possible to advertise 20% cheaper in Shopping. Do you as an advertiser not work together with a CSS partner? Then you pay 25% higher click costs than your competitor who does advertise via a Google CSS partner!
The 10 most important reasons to
collaborate with Bigshopper CSS

20% discount on click costs

Free traffic from Bigshopper

Premium Google CSS partner & support

Active in all countries

Monthly terminable

Free connection

Save money immediately

Since 2007

No use of affiliate links

Own sales page

"When an advertiser bids 1 euro per click via Google, only 80 cents of that will go into the auction. Via a Google CSS partner 100% of the money will go into the auction. This means a bid increase of 25% without extra bidding."

Comparison sites in Google shopping results

Since 2007 it has been possible for comparison sites approved as CSS Partner of Google to appear in search results of Google Shopping:

Connection takes 5-10 minutes and is arranged within 24 hours:
Instant 20% discount

The set-up consists of 3 simple steps:

Contact us and digitally sign the contract

Link Google Merchant Center to Bigshopper (feed or API)

Save immediately

Please note that we do not need access to your Google Merchant Center or your Google Ads account. We have no insight into your data from Google Ads or the Merchant Center. Nor is it necessary to make changes to existing campaigns. This means that you keep full control over your account and campaigns. Setup is quick and easy.

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